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Austin Jenkins (born July 5, 1989), is an American professional wrestler signed to AEW, where he performs under the ring name Adam Cole. He is known for his work in Ring of Honor (ROH)and WWE. When he performed for ROH, he became a three-time ROH World Champion, and was the first wrestler to achieve this feat. In addition, he is a one-time ROH World Television Champion. He is also known for his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).» Continue Reading

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The Elite & Adam Cole Talk All Out, Bryan Danielson Interrupts & Hell Breaks Loose

We head back inside the Cincinnati venue where Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces his guests at this time — The Elite.

On that note, Don Callis comes out along with Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers. Once in the ring, Callis thanks Schiavone for the intro and begins yapping.

Callis talks about Omega being named No. 1 in the 2021 list of the PWI Top 500. He then brings up The Young Bucks losing their titles and it being an injustice that they will make right.

They go on to introduce Adam Cole, who makes his way out to his own theme song and joins The Elite in the ring. Cole asks who is ready for story time with Adam Cole. He warns Schiavone not to get any ideas when it comes to Britt Baker.

He goes on to talk about how The Elite is the greatest thing in the world. The Young Bucks are the best tag-team and Kenny Omega is the man. He then teases his AEW in-ring debut on next week’s Dynamite.

Omega goes to talk and mentions how he hates being interrupted. He brings up being interrupted by Bryan Danielson at All Out this past Sunday night and as he’s saying this, the theme for one Bryan Danielson hits to interrupt him yet again.

The fans go nuts and break out in Yes! chants as J.R. puts over Danielson as one of the best wrestlers in the world on commentary. Omega excuses the rest of The Elite from the ring and tells Danielson that he doesn’t bite, asking him to enter the ring. Danielson does.

Danielson yanks the mic out of Omega’s hand. He asks the fans in Cincinnati a quick question — do they want to see Bryan Danielson fight Kenny Omega. Danielson says that Omega just told him off-mic that it doesn’t work that way here.

Danielson says Omega claims to be the best wrestler who has ever lived. Danielson says he knows Omega is afraid to take a match against him because he’s better than him. He says he’ll kick his head in and tells Omega that he’s not on his level. Omega takes his jacket off and goes to swing at Danielson but Danielson takes him down and puts the Yes! lock on him. As he does, The Elite re-enters the ring and attacks him. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, Frankie Kazarian hit the ring to make the save.

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 Date: September 10th 2021
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