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Austin Jenkins (born July 5, 1989), is an American professional wrestler signed to AEW, where he performs under the ring name Adam Cole. He is known for his work in Ring of Honor (ROH)and WWE. When he performed for ROH, he became a three-time ROH World Champion, and was the first wrestler to achieve this feat. In addition, he is a one-time ROH World Television Champion. He is also known for his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).» Continue Reading

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Match Number Six: AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows versus Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle, and Keith Lee

They all brawl before the bell rings and they fight on the floor. Riddle squares off with Riddle while Ciampa and Lee deal with Anderson and Gallows. Riddle is sent into the guardrails. Styles gets into the ring and so does Ciampa so the referee starts the match.

They exchange punches and Ciampa misses a knee. Ciampa with a forearm and Styles with a drop kick that sends Ciampa to the floor. Styles with a slingshot forearm on Riddle when Riddle pushes Ciampa out of the way. Ciampa with a hanging DDT for a near fall. Lee tags in and he punches Styles in the ribs. Lee gets Styles up but Styles gets to his feet and he kicks Lee and clips Lee. Gallows tags in. They lock up and Gallows with a side head lock and shoulder tackle but neither man moves. Gallows with a shoulder tackle and Lee does not move. Lee with a shoulder tackle and he knocks Gallows back a little but he stays on his feet. Lee with a shoulder tackle that sends Gallows to the apron.

Gallows with punches and Anderson tags in and he kicks Lee in the knees. Lee with a running cross body on Anderson. Lee sends Anderson into the turnbuckles and tags in Ciampa. Ciampa kicks Anderson in the corner. Ciampa with a kick to Anderson and Styles grabs Ciampa’s leg. Gallows tags in and punches Ciampa. Styles with a sliding knee on the apron to Ciampa. Anderson with a hard Irish whip to Ciampa. Anderson sends Ciampa into the turnbuckles and Gallows tags in for his cover up punches. Gallows with elbow drops to Ciampa and he gets a near fall. Gallows with a head butt to Ciampa and Styles tags in. Styles with kicks to the surgically repaired knees Ciampa with punches but Styles with punches and a back breaker. Ciampa punches Styles and Styles punches back.

Anderson tags in and he kicks Ciampa. Anderson with a reverse chin lock. Anderson with a spinebuster to keep Ciampa from making the tag and he gets a near fall. Gallows tags in and he punches Ciampa. Gallows with a suplex and he connects with elbows to the collarbone. Gallows with a reverse chin lock. Ciampa with a jaw breaker and he drops down so Gallows goes over the top rope. Gallows pulls Lee off the apron and kicks Lee’s head into the ring steps. Gallows pulls Ciampa into his corner and Anderson tags in.

Ciampa with punches but Anderson kicks Ciampa and goes to the turnbuckles. Ciampa with a knee as Anderson comes off the turnbuckles and both men are down. Riddle and Styles tag in and Riddle with a kick. Riddle kicks Gallows off the apron. Riddle kicks Anderson and then connects with a forearm followed by an exploder to Styles. Riddle with an exploder to Anderson followed by Brotons to Styles and Anderson. Riddle with Bro 2 Sleep and a German suplex for a nar fall. Anderson and Gallows go for Magic Killer on Lee but Ciampa breaks it up. Lee picks up Gallows and curls him before slamming Gallows. Styles with a DDT to Lee.

Styles lands on his feet on a German suplex attempt by Riddle. Styles with a kick and brainbuster for a near fall. Styles with a foerarm and he springboards into the ring and Lee with a POUNCE that sends Styles into the referee and he is down.

Ciampa fights off Anderson and Gallows. Lee clotheslines Anderson over the top rope to the floor and Lee’s momentum sends him over too. Riddle with a Fosbury Flop onto everyone. Ciampa with a running knee to Styles. Ciampa sets for Fairy Tale Ending, but . . .

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring and Styles with a Pele Kick. Balor with Bloody Sunday to Riddle and Balor stares down Styles. Styles puts up the too sweet and Balor shoots out the guns. Styles sets for a Styles Clash but Adam Cole with a super kick to Styles. Cole with Last Shot to Ciampa.

Balor and Cole stare each other down.

We go to credits.

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 Date: November 7th 2019
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